Ignore Her!

In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, congresswoman ‘AOC’ is calling on the Biden administration to simply “ignore” the ruling from a Texas federal judge that would halt the FDA’s approval of an abortion-inducing pill. She seems to show no shame or irony as she calls for the flouting of federal law, but considering Democrat’s history of such attitudes and behaviors, one shouldn’t really be surprised.

Though I’m sure there are countless examples, I can readily think of only a few that parallel the sentiment she is expressing on the National broadcast with Anderson. After the 2008 housing market crash there were calls from Democrats to “Stay in your Homes” despite bank foreclosures and legal eviction proceedings. The “occupy Wall-street” movement of those days seemed to have a very strong foothold among the liberals of that day, just as more recent movements such as “Black Lives Matter” were met with many of the same attitudes from the same crowd.

Liberals asked us to imagine fiery and violent protests as a “summer of love,” and of course they excused the actions of the protestors in the aftermath of the George Floyd overdose. George Soros funded District Attorneys chose not to prosecute the perpetrators of the countless property damage crimes that were committed, however the people who entered the capital building on January 1st were quickly judged as guilty and some are still rotting in jail to this day without having the right to a trial. 

Many of the crimes committed by the current administration, such as the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan that killed 13 service members are being ignored. And meanwhile the liberals on capital hill, such as AOC, ask us to ignore federal law so that abortions can continue to be available to any “birthing person” seeking the medicine… well in my humble opinion it is time to ignore her, and her ilk. There is only one path forward and it is to keep on trucking – not to look aside, ignore the truth, or get down into the weeds with someone as low-IQ as her.

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Trump Desantis Head to Head

With Trump’s name in the news more and more due to the recent legal developments out of New York, it is becoming clearer and clearer that he and Florida Governor Ron Desantis are headed into what is sure to be a nail-biter of a head to head battle for the Republican nomination. Recent polls show Trump climbing above Desantis where it had been the opposite only a couple of months ago. This is surely a testament to the human psyche. Trump is center stage again whereas Desantis is feeling the effects of the adage that “what is out of sight is out of mind.” 

Trump, who is certainly no stranger to press, public scrutiny, and legal persecution is now gaining some sympathy from voters who consider themselves in the middle or who were otherwise non-committal concerning the 2024 political hopefuls. As yet another seemingly “trumped-up” case drags the former President back into the court room, hearts and minds sway. When the legal genius of former CIA deputy director Andrew McCabe who is now a contributor for CNN admits to their viewers that the case against Trump is a “disappointment” due to it’s seeming lack of teeth – even the more liberal minds may begin to doubt if the day will ever come that sees Trump behind bars as pundits on CNN have been promising for years on end. An audience can surely only eat the same baloney so many times before they begin to turn away in disgust.

The question arises how Desantis may feel about these changes in polling and seeming popularity. Trump has the clout of having already won the National race in the infamous 2016 cycle, but will this and the new publicity regarding the latest round of politically-charged prosecutions be enough to secure another win? Desantis has of course never stated that he will in fact run for the presidency in the upcoming cycle, but his name has been in the forefront of many hearts, minds, and political polls with many taking it for granted that he will indeed run. 

A new report from the Washington Examiner detailing that Trump appears to be trying to “poach” some of the Florida Governor’s largest donors, makes this author wonder whether Desantis may indeed switch gears and pursue his own ambitions with a gusto that he has been hesitant to exhibit thus far. Only time will tell, but when one’s source of funding comes into question men have a habit of reacting. Whether Desantis intends to run for President or not, he surely has future ambitions, and to lose some of his biggest donors to former President Trump may hinder his abilities to raise capital and fund future campaigns.

As we watch the race unfold, more and more scrutiny will be applied to these two men. Trump has missed no punches making clear his ambitions and goals to be seated as the 47th President. As of the publishing of this article it appears that the ball is in Desantis’s court to make his decision and to fight to clear his own path to the primary nomination on the Republican ticket if he wants it.


Stolen Elections

In America today public discourse has reached a fever pitch; the “Melting Pot” seems to be on the verge of boiling over sending us out of the proverbial pan and into the fire. The two-party system that has dominated our politics and our lives for the length and entirety thereof, seem to quite literally be ripping the country in two. With both major parties more and more frequently calling into question the validity of the American voter system, and the legitimacy of the vote itself – tensions and attitudes begin to grow taunt.

Without going into the back and forth that has been going on probably since the national elections of 2000, and similarly neglecting to get into the whole “who started it” line of discussion, I wanted to take a moment to bring something to the attention of all Americans and all people willing to take the time to read this article. The world recently saw a perfectly stark example of a stolen and rigged election; forced even.

Of course I am speaking of the elections held in the Russian occupied parts of Ukraine. These people had Russians bang on their door, point a gun in their faces, hand them a ballot and say “vote for Putin.” Of course the ballots came back 99% in favor of being annexed by Russia, and exactly as Putin wants them to.

To my fellow Americans and countrymen and to people all over this world: I pray that we may heed this example, and learn from it. May we learn to lower the temperature of our discourse surrounding elections and other incendiary topics of the day. May we remember why this country was founded. Our constitution spells out no quartering of troops, no unwarranted search and seizure, no forced self-implication, and so many other rights that I fear we may have forgotten or too often take for granted.

There are certain presidents, and certain elections that I have not found favorable. I don’t think it is wrong to doubt, question, or scrutinize. But at least we may all take comfort in knowing that no one is banging on our doors, putting guns in our faces, and forcing us to elect governments that we don’t approve. We are still quite a peaceful nation – despite the heat and fever pitch. I pray we may remain so, and that this Russian example be the last of its kind anywhere.

I have included references that you may interact with as you like, but I did not rely on any one of them heavily enough to cite them specifically. Thank you, and may God bless you, and may God bless America!

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Podcast Bonus

Here it is! You listened to it, now you can see it! Hope you laugh as hard as we did!!


Iceberg Ahead

Just as Captain Edward John Smith stood on the deck of the world’s most famous ship, iceberg warning in hand; so stands Joe Biden, ordering the United States faster and faster into dangerous waters.

In the days leading up to the notorious shipwreck, many warnings of treacherous waters ahead had been received by the Captain and crew, and despite the seriousness of these warnings, the sheer ego of a man bound for retirement upon his arrival in New York, driving an “unsinkable ship” caused such enormous destruction.

So too, will Joe Biden sink what we believe to be “the World’s Largest Economy”. On the subject of his proposed $15 per hour minimum wage, the Congressional Budget Office predicts a hemorrhaging of jobs to the tune of 3.7 million! This already comes on the back of canning the XL Pipeline project (a projected 11,000 jobs) and canning the border wall project, another several thousand jobs or more, and despite the fact that it has already been funded by Congress.

These job losses are just the tip of the iceberg that promises to permanently sink our economy. Rising energy costs from such piss-poor decision making as an abandonment of the pipeline project will itself drive up the cost of common household goods. As the cost to produce common materials rises, so will the end products being consumed. The new administration is also considering many new taxes, to include a carbon tax on emissions, which will only add fuel to the inflation fire.

While some liberal projections estimate a $15 per hour minimum wage will inject as much as 8 trillion dollars into the hands of a few in the lowest echelons of society, we must consider at what cost this will come. While it stands to reason that some few individuals may indeed benefit by having their wages doubled, it also logically follows that many more people will find themselves unable to even get their foot in the door of employment at all.

I fear, in time, many more people than ever before will find themselves unemployed, unemployable, and stuck at home, while energy and food costs will threaten the very lives of these newly impoverished. I write this not so I can say “I told you so” in the future but merely to ring the alarm bell now. There is indeed an iceberg ahead, and we are driving straight towards it.


Debate Debacle

Many of the headlines and commentaries following the first round of Presidential debates have some consensus: “shit show”. This was CNN’s take at the conclusion of the debate, and surely this is the first story they have gotten right all year.

The blame for last night’s train wreck lies squarely with the train’s conductor, Chris Wallace. His tenure at Fox has been a disappointment to many, and for many years. His character and mannerisms have led many to question his motivations, often appearing “soft” on or supportive of established D. C. Politicians, giving the impression that he is left-leaning.

Much of what we witnessed last night was two men having an argument while a small child begged for attention in the background. As a moderator, Wallace’s performance was so piss-poor that any average parent could have kept better order. He needed a whistle, an air horn, to cut the mics of the politicians on stage, turn off the lights, or zap them with shock collars; he could have run out on stage with a stop sign, a yield sign, and a “GO” sign.

When a moderator such as Wallace, has no balls, and is twice as pompous and narcissistic as the politicians he is moderating we get what we got last night. With so many interruptions, men talking at the same time, no one staying on point, and Wallace giving a turkey’s call in the background: the average viewer is left to draw their own conclusions.

So what did you take away from this debate?

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Parent’s Perspective; 9/11 Remembered

            “Took the kids to school and went to work like any normal day.

            Shortly after arriving to work, we got news that America was under attack by terrorists. My heart sank… could this really be possible?

            I took my break and walked over to the local hospital where I knew they would have televisions on in their waiting area. I saw the devastation; I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, such tragedy… I began to cry.

            Fear set in and all I could think about was my children… what was going to happen next? How many more terrorists could there be? Where might they attack next? Would they put us all on lockdown? How were the schools handling the news? Were the kids worried?

            At that moment I decided I was leaving work to go pick up the kids. I wanted the peace of mind knowing at least that we were all together, rather than worrying about them all day.”

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Remembering 9/11/01

                19 years ago, on this day, I was still in Elementary School. It was a day like any other, we had already finished our breakfast and some of our morning instruction. Somehow the teachers must have been notified. Mrs. Teal turned on the television set in our classroom, and we were suddenly watching the images of planes flying into very tall buildings.

             Whatever the news anchor was saying does not stand out to me, and no explanation was given as to why we were so suddenly watching these images over and over on a loop. We sat mesmerized and completely phased by this unannounced interruption to our usual lessons.

             After some immeasurable amount of time had passed, we all jumped when the intercom in our classroom came to life. The voice over the speaker asked Mrs. Teal if she would please excuse me, as apparently my mother had come to take me home.

             Confused, but excited to be leaving school for the day, I ran outside to where my mother was waiting and happily exclaimed “Mom, why are you here because of those planes hitting those towers?”

             Sheer panic and dread instantly crossed her face and she admonished me, harshly, telling me to keep quiet and get in the car. I was a sensitive child and can still be both; I bawled my eyes out on the ride home wondering to myself why she had removed me from school – a miracle – just to cut me down.

             Once home, however, she sat my sister and I down, turned on the news, muted it, and finally gave me the explanation I had been seeking since Mrs. Teal had first turned on the TV. In that moment, my upset vanished. I, like many kids I’m sure, became one HUGE step closer to being an adult that day.

             Nine years later, as part of our graduation ceremonies, I was asked to speak before my Class. September 11th, 2001 had made such a lasting impact on me that it came up in my speech. As I expressed it at that time, “no one who lived through the Terrorist Attacks of 9/11 will ever forget what happened that day.”

             Another ten years has gone by; now an adult slipping ever-closer towards middle-age, I still am stopped in my tracks when this date rolls around. For me, as a child, it was a day of confusion, elation, deflation, and concern. The concern still lingers.

             Someday, somewhere, we may experience such violent, destructive, and impressionable acts again. Lamentations may be many, but the best we could ever do, is honor our dead and carry on – thanking our Almighty God, that such events are few.

             Wherever you are today, and however 9/11 affected you, Never Forget those we lost; Never Forget the motivations of the men who would perpetrate such acts, and Never Forget that our savior Jesus Christ offers us all eternal life.

             God Bless you, and God Bless these United States of America.

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Smearing Trump

An Atlantic article published Sept. 3rd, 2020, and which cites “anonymous” sources has been cycling through the news. In this article, President Trump is accused of referring to our War Dead, buried at  Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris as “losers” and “suckers”.

Those who support this President will surely recoil at such a notion. This is a President who has spent, supported, and defended our military. In one case that luckily is preserved in video, Trump even went so far as to fetch and return a hat that had been carried away from a Marine by the wind.

How then are we to believe the Left-Leaning headlines that declare this characterization of our Commander in Chief “fits”? Yet again we have to chew over a liberal non-sequitur. The President that we know to love the military said what?!

To highlight the ridiculous aspect of this claim, is the rejection offered to it by former staffers in Trump’s white house. Chiefly Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and one John Bolton. While the Lefties have a general and consistent disdain for Mrs. Sanders, remember how they have flipped on their support of Trump’s former National Security Advisor. Don’t they seem to only like Bolton when he is critical of Trump? Why don’t they cite him now that he is back to defending Trump by means of setting the record straight? Why do they fail to even cite the crickets echoed from the Left when these two-year old claims are fact checked?

While the Atlantic, like many publication sources, has had spot-on, well-timed, and prolific articles before in its past, today it reads more as the “Third-Rate magazine that won’t be in business much longer” that the President described it as.

In our opinion here at Contemporary Conservative, this is one of those headlines that you can take with two grains of salt. Give it credence if you must, but don’t forget which sources are behind this reporting: “anonymous”  nobodies, that we would never dare print.