9/11 and January 6th; an Analysis

Three years after the incident at the Capital January 6th 2021, tempers still flare up on all sides. Some people feel that the incident that day has been grossly over exaggerated, over politicized, and over prosecuted while others feel the opposite: that too little has been done, that the process has taken too long, and that the individuals involved should receive no quarter.

Truth be told, this author sides with the camp that views the reactions to January 6th as a blatant sham – a kangaroo court in a banana republic seeking to deal “Justice” that fails to match the crime in question. Appallingly, some talking heads in the mainstream media have compared the events of January 6th to the terror attack on the World Trade Center September 11, 2001.

Such a comparison seems beyond the pale. The number of victims on January 6th is in single digits (five, according to the New York Times) whereas nearly 3,000 victims perished on 9/11. With this in mind, it is hard to fathom why a comparison would ever be made between the two events. Should the desire be to call the folks involved with January 6th “terrorists,” it is logical that you could do so without the comparison to the worst attack on American Soil since the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The incongruent numbers don’t only exist between the number of victims, but also between the number of individuals charged with crimes related to the two events. 23 years after 9/11, approximately 992 individuals have been charged in relation to the terror attack that cost 3,000 people their lives. However, only three years after January 6th, nearly 1,300 people have faced criminal charges with a possibility of many more yet to be charged.

It should be noted that January 6th, 2021 was a dark day in American history and that we at do not condone the actions taken by the mob who stormed the capital and delayed the certification of the election results by a period of hours. However, it seems clear as crystal that a comparison to the shocking events of 9/11 is perverse and inappropriate.

As time marches on, it will be interesting to continue to evaluate the media coverage and public sentiment surrounding January 6th. Hopefully such comparisons as those being made to 9/11 will cease (as they were never appropriate in the first place). 9/11 should remain to be what it was – the darkest day America has faced in this millennia.