Really Real Reality

     Reality is an interesting thing. It exists around us and we all experience it, but yet we don’t all agree on what reality is. As conservatives, we often think the left does not live in reality. At the same time, the left thinks we are out of touch with reality. Let’s examine a couple topics, and see who is living in reality and who is living in delusion.

     A writer for the New York Times recently spoke to some experts about how to “solve our reality crisis”. In the article, the author asks, “How do you unite a country in which millions of people have chosen to create their own version of reality?”. One of the solutions the “experts” have suggested is, “the Biden administration put together a cross-agency task force to tackle disinformation and domestic extremism, which would be led by something like a ‘reality czar’”. The author even admits that this idea sounds dystopian.

    Unless you are the type of person who likes being told what to think and believe, the idea of a reality czar should be alarming. Why should an unelected official get to decide what reality is or isn’t? By definition, reality isn’t decided by one person or group. One of the “experts” even suggests, “This task force could also meet regularly with tech platforms, and push for structural changes that could help those companies tackle their own extremism and misinformation problems.” Big government in conjunction with big tech, engage in reality making. Deciding what information you should be able to see or hear on the internet, and presumably newspapers since the media are part of it. This should be a scary thought. We already saw an example of this when Twitter and Facebook blocked the New York Post  from distributing  a story about Hunter Biden on the largest social media platforms. Therefore, controlling the information people were able to see.

     Before we get too far, let’s look at the definition of “reality” provided by Merriam-Webster.

     1: The quality or state of being real.

     2 a, (1: A real event, entity, or state of affairs. (2): The totality of real things and events.

     b: Something that is neither derivative nor dependent but exists necessarily

     The purpose of the reality czar would, in part, be to prevent another incident like the one on January 6 by creating “a centralized task force “ to “coordinate a single, strategic response” to misinformation. The reality is, hundreds of misguided, misinformed, and ignorant fools stormed the capitol building. Those people were lead to believe things that were not true regarding the 2020 election. Many people, conservatives included, can agree on this, but what does misinformation or actual information have to do with reality? Nothing, other than to equate them to control a narrative.

     Do you think a reality czar will be appointed to look into the cause of the nation-wide social justice riots that took place during the summer of 2020? At their peak on June 6, an estimated half a million people gathered to protest across the country following the death of George Floyd. The protest quickly went from speaking out against police brutality to shouting about “systemic racism” in America. The former issue is one a lot of people can support. No one wants our police to mistreat or abuse our citizens. The latter issue, is one that does not match reality.

     In a country that elected a black man to serve as president for 8 years, and then only 4 years after he left office elected a black woman to be the vice president, we have massive riots in the name of “systemic racism”. I shouldn’t have to say this, of course racism exists. It has and always will in this world, but America’s institutions do not function on the idea of racism. If the American system was so replete with racism, Obama would have never been the president, Harris would not be VP, Tim Scott’s family would not have gone from “cotton to congress” in two generations, and Don Lemon wouldn’t be running his mouth to millions on cable TV.

     CNN reported that 93% of the protests were peaceful. Even if there was only one protest, the one on June 6, and we compare it to the estimated 93% peacefulness, that means 35,000 people were not peacefully protesting. That is significantly more than those who stormed the capitol. The left ignores the reality of people’s private property, businesses, and lives were lost and destroyed. So again I ask, will the reality czar look into those riots?

     Another area the left’s reality is questionable, is on the subject of transgenderism. On the outset, I have sympathy for people who believe they are of the opposite gender. I cannot imagine, and will never pretend to know, what it is like to live like that. However, forcing people to believe a trans woman is the same and equal to a biological woman ignores reality.

     To start, a trans woman can’t and will never go through the unique experiences that make a woman a woman. Such as, going through female puberty, having a period,  give birth, and just the overall life experience of growing up as a young girl and evolving to a mature woman. Removing body parts and injecting oneself with hormones does not grant the ability to experience womanhood on a deep and natural level.

    Besides the life experience of being a woman, we are teaching people to ignore the reality of biology. Not to sound too morbid, but if a trans man were found dead in the woods, and the body decomposed beyond recognition, the DNA tests would not confirm the body is a man.

When someone is diagnosed with Anorexia nervosa,     Which is characterized by “a significant and persistent reduction in food intake leading to extremely low body weight in the context of age, sex, and physical health; a distortion of body image,” we don’t affirm their belief in how they perceive their body. We don’t normalize their eating disorder as just being a different way people diet. So why would we affirm a person’s belief that they are living as the wrong sex? Mutilating the body to ease the mind of a transgendered person is the same as allowing an underweight person to binge, purge, and excessively exercise because they believe they are overweight.

     There are plenty more examples of how the left is out of touch with reality. Such as, AOC’s retelling of the capitol riot, elementary school children going bak to in-school learning, and the $15 minimum wage. They’ll tell you about the facts and the science from their experts, and they will try to tell you the reality of those issues, but you should always take pause. Ask yourself when they talk about the reality of things, “Are they actually describing the real event or state of affairs? Have they explained the totality of real things and events?”  Don’t let some expert, unelected official, or elected official for that matter, tell you what reality is. Reality exists in our surroundings. It cannot be given a stamp of approval on whether it is real or fake, or true or false.