The Great Conservative Reset

Recently people have been talking about “the great reset”. This is the idea that global leaders in government and business are going to use the Corona virus to implement new “progressive” policies, because the situation that the virus has put us in proves the old way of doing things has not been working. It isn’t hard to imagine this, since Prime Minister Trudeau basically let the cat out of the bag. However, I believe a great reset has already taken place.

The reset I’m talking about isn’t the leftist fantasy kind. It is a conservative kind, and it took place on January 20, 2017. As you may recall, this was the date Donald Trump officially became President Donald J. Trump, and with our new leader the great conservative reset began.

Many conservatives believe that President Trump has had the most conservative administration since Ronald Reagan or Calvin Coolidge. Here are just a few examples of his administration’s accomplishments.:

Lowest unemployment rate across multiple categories, cut federal taxes for all Americans, helped win bid for L.A. to host 2028 Summer Olympics, record number of regulations cut, removed ACA individual mandate, signed “Right to Try” legislation, expanded the military with the new branch Space Force, confirmed more conservative judges than any other administration, replaced NAFTA with USMCA, cracked down on China for trade and intellectual property theft; and so much more.

That was just a small sample of the things our president has been able to do, and there are certainly more significant accomplishments that I didn’t mention. He was able to do this all while fighting the resistance of the do-nothing dems, and the lame stream media. For all President Trump’s winning on the policy front, policy was only half the battle. The other fight took place in the culture, and as we all know from Andrew Breitbart, politics is down stream from culture.

If it wasn’t obvious before, Trump exposed the main stream media as being biased and in the tank for Democrats and leftists. They did everything they could to paint Donald Trump as a racist, sexist, Nazi, and anyone who supports him as being the same. They attack Trump as a stand-in for Republicans. We know this because they are the same media who were his friends up until he decided to run for president. President Trump has been a public figure since at least the 1980s. Rappers idolized him in their songs. Even Bill and Hilary Clinton attended his wedding. They were either cool with and didn’t care about him being racist back then, or they are lying about him now. So it isn’t really Donald Trump that they hate. They hate all the Americans that President Trump represents. Remember, these are the same people who let Joe Biden get away with telling black people that Mitt Romney was going to “put you all back in chains”. Now they trot out Romney as a good guy anytime he goes against Trump. It was Romney in 2012, it is Trump now, and it’ll be a new Republican target when Trump is no longer around.

They think average, hard working Americans from the middle of the country are stupid. Don Lemon made this clear when he laughed in agreement when two guests of his made fun of Trump supporters. They don’t believe that America is a great and exceptional country, despite any and all of her flaws. They believe the government is the answer to all of the problems that plague our society.  There are many proud Americans who believe in the greatness of our country. Who believe it is up to individuals and their community to solve society’s problems, and who aren’t just ignorant bible reading rubes. Middle America, blue collar, patriots voted for President Trump to represent them because they felt like the media and culture were ignoring them.

As I write this in mid-November of 2020, President Trump is still fighting to make sure he remains our president. His team of lawyers have filed cases in several states to have any illegal votes cast out. There has certainly been clear evidence of wrong doing in many places, and I pray to God that Trump wins.

If worse comes to worse, and Joe Biden is sworn in as our 46th president, I will have great faith and hope for our conservative future. This is because there are signs that tell us that conservatism is still alive and well. In the House of Representatives alone, Republicans are projected to gain 12 seats, which would be nearly taking back the majority. A good conservative knows that the House of Reps are the closest federal body to the people, and most represent their beliefs. We also know that recent polls show more minority groups support Trump and the conservative agenda. 56% of people said they were better off now than they were 4 years ago. This suggests people approve of the conservative policies that allowed for a more favorable economy that lead them to be better off.

Win or lose, I believe President Trump has reinvigorated the conservative movement, and has taught us conservatives to fight back against the forces that want to change our American way of life, and has reset us on a new conservative path for the future. We are poised to take back the house in 2022, and either keep or take back the White House in 2024.