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Sneak Peak, part 2!

Once again, this may give you an insight into an upcoming episode the guys are cooking up on the Wicky Wacky Radio Show!! It may seem familiar, but it’s not Groundhog’s Day (yet) we’ve been cleaning out our fridge now that the holiday season is behind us, and we had a few tasty treats still hanging around! We had enough fun last time to do it over again! We hope you may join us in the fun!

A hazy IPA “Yule time cheer, tangy, winter spices” 6% ABV Cleveland, OH
White Ale. Brewed with clementine-infused orange peel and spices. 5.3% ABV Boston, MA
Christmas Ale “Cookies, Spice, All Things Nice” 8% ABV Cleveland, OH
Brewed with clementine-infused orange peel, cinnamon, ginger, and rich malt. 5.6% ABV Boston, MA
Fresh Hop IPA 6.8% ABV Chico, CA
Ale. “Lush, effervescent – hits your tastebuds like a berry nor’easter – lip smacking Berry Blizzard – apple, cherry, raspberry, blackberry – a frentic flurry of fruit – worth the weather.” 5% ABV Cincinnati, OH
Our Stories The Wicky Wacky Radio Show

Sneak Peak!

This may give a big clue about an upcoming podcast your wonderful hosts hope to air on The Wicky Wacky Radio Show, and just in time for Christmas! Just don’t tell Santa, and we won’t either!!! Merry Christmas from Contemporary Conservative!

Brewed in Texas – Brewed with Peaches and Pecans, a dark wheat flavored ale, “a smoothness that makes the subtle texas peach and roasted pecan flavors all the more satisfying.” 5.4% ABV

Brewed in Cincinnati, OH. “Inspiring madness, rooted in purpose” An Indian Pale Ale with Spruce Tips. 6.8% ABV

Brewed here in Columbus – “a Hoppy Holiday Ale” 7.3% ABV

Brewed in Cincinnati. “Hoppy Holiday Ale” [Hi thirsty, I’m Dad – a hoppy red ale with robust malt as ample and snug as a well-worn flannel – notes of dank piney hops – uphill both ways in the snow. Keep it up and I’ll turn this can around. 6.0% ABV

Brewed in Chicago, IL. “Festively Smooth” 7.5%ABV

Brewed in Waunakee, WI. Dill Pickle + Xmas Gose 4.3% ABV