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Smearing Trump

An Atlantic article published Sept. 3rd, 2020, and which cites “anonymous” sources has been cycling through the news. In this article, President Trump is accused of referring to our War Dead, buried at  Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris as “losers” and “suckers”.

Those who support this President will surely recoil at such a notion. This is a President who has spent, supported, and defended our military. In one case that luckily is preserved in video, Trump even went so far as to fetch and return a hat that had been carried away from a Marine by the wind.

How then are we to believe the Left-Leaning headlines that declare this characterization of our Commander in Chief “fits”? Yet again we have to chew over a liberal non-sequitur. The President that we know to love the military said what?!

To highlight the ridiculous aspect of this claim, is the rejection offered to it by former staffers in Trump’s white house. Chiefly Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and one John Bolton. While the Lefties have a general and consistent disdain for Mrs. Sanders, remember how they have flipped on their support of Trump’s former National Security Advisor. Don’t they seem to only like Bolton when he is critical of Trump? Why don’t they cite him now that he is back to defending Trump by means of setting the record straight? Why do they fail to even cite the crickets echoed from the Left when these two-year old claims are fact checked?

While the Atlantic, like many publication sources, has had spot-on, well-timed, and prolific articles before in its past, today it reads more as the “Third-Rate magazine that won’t be in business much longer” that the President described it as.

In our opinion here at Contemporary Conservative, this is one of those headlines that you can take with two grains of salt. Give it credence if you must, but don’t forget which sources are behind this reporting: “anonymous”  nobodies, that we would never dare print.